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Imperator totius Hispaniae - Wikipedia

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Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

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Reunification of Jerusalem

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Schulze , W. Shamma , S. Shams-Eshragh , A. Treadwell , L. Due to the irregularity of Charles assuming the royal title while his mother, the legitimate queen, was alive, the negotiations with the Castilian Cortes in Valladolid proved difficult. He managed to overcome the resistance of the Aragonese Cortes and Catalan Corts , [27] and he was finally recognized as king of Aragon and count of Barcelona jointly with his mother.

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On Charles's accession to the Spanish throne, the Parliament of Navarre Cortes required him to attend the coronation ceremony to become Charles IV of Navarre , but this demand fell on deaf ears, and the Parliament kept piling up grievances. Charles was accepted as sovereign, even though the Spanish felt uneasy with the Imperial style.

Spanish kingdoms varied in their traditions. Castile was an authoritarian kingdom, where the monarch's own will easily overrode law and the Cortes. By contrast, in the kingdoms of the crown of Aragon, and especially in the Pyrenean kingdom of Navarre, law prevailed, and the monarchy was a contract with the people. This became an inconvenience and a matter of dispute for Charles V and later kings, since realm-specific traditions limited their absolute power.

With Charles, government became more absolute, even though until his mother's death in Charles did not hold the full kingship of the country. Soon resistance to the Emperor arose because of heavy taxation to support foreign wars in which Castilians had little interest, and because Charles tended to select Flemings for high offices in Spain and America, ignoring Castilian candidates.

The resistance culminated in the Revolt of the Comuneros , which Charles suppressed. Immediately after crushing the Castilian revolt, Charles was confronted again with the hot issue of Navarre when King Henry II attempted to reconquer the kingdom. Main military operations lasted until , when Hondarribia surrendered to Charles's forces, but frequent cross-border clashes in the western Pyrenees only stopped in Treaties of Madrid and Cambrai.

After these events, Navarre remained a matter of domestic and international litigation still for a century a French dynastic claim to the throne did not end until the French Revolution in Jeanne was instead forced to marry William, Duke of Julich-Cleves-Berg , but that childless marriage was annulled after four years.

Castile became integrated into Charles's empire, and provided the bulk of the empire's financial resources as well as its most effective military units. The enormous budget deficit accumulated during Charles's reign resulted in Spain declaring bankruptcy during the reign of Philip II.