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The episode was written by Jennifer Salt and directed by Bradley Buecker. Vivien Connie Britton learns about the house's former residents: a crazed surgeon, Charles Montgomery Matt Ross , and wife, Nora Lily Rabe , who provided illegal abortions in their basement, until their bitter marriage mysteriously ended.

Flashing back to , Constance kills a young Moira and her husband Hugo, after misinterpreting Hugo's advances on Moira as consensual. The Harmons' finances take a blow, making moving impractical. Meanwhile, Ben falls asleep during an appointment and wakes up in the yard having dug a hole, but with no memory. Moira continues to sexually harass Ben, and he threatens to fire her.

He is unable to convince Vivien about Moira's sexual advances, and Moira threatens to sue if they try to fire her without just cause. Hayden arrives, announces that she is keeping the baby and moving nearby, and wants Ben to continue their affair.

Vivien goes on a bus tour of haunted places in Los Angeles, after finding the house is on the tour, where the origin of the house is explained. Charles Montgomery, the original owner of the house, developed an addiction to anesthesia and began to conduct Frankenstein -like experiments. With the aid of his wife, Nora, Charles started performing abortions on young women.

On the bus, Vivien worries that she is miscarrying again, due to vaginal bleeding. The doctor assures Vivien that the baby is fine, but advises that the stress of moving could cause a miscarriage. Ben encounters Larry, who asks for money. When Ben returns home he blacks out again, and wakes up next to a shovel in the same spot in the yard.

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As he begins to dig, Constance encourages him to stay with the house and to build something over that spot. Hayden arrives at the house and is killed by Larry. He buries Hayden in the hole Ben had dug, where Moira is also buried.

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Ben builds a gazebo over the spot, and Constance taunts Moira, telling her that now she is stuck in the house forever. The episode was written by co-executive producer Jennifer Salt , and directed by editor Bradley Buecker. And yet by doing virtually everything horribly, it becomes preposterously entertaining. Shortly after that, Richardson graduated high school.

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Infanticide: New Jersey teen suffocated newborn; baby tossed in dumpster, police say. Her trial began this week, and jurors must decide if Richardson had a stillborn baby or it was something more sinister.

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If convicted, she could spend the rest of her life in prison. Knippen said Richardson never intended to raise her child. Her mother had told Richardson her life would be over if she became pregnant, the prosecutor said.

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For two months, Richardson went back to living her picture-perfect life, the prosecutor said. All while her baby decomposed in the backyard.

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They wanted a proper burial. But before they could do that, police told Richardson, they needed the truth. Authorities placed dozens of bones, including several pieces of the skull, on top of a small body bag.

One investigator testified the remains smelled. Another said the bones were so small it was hard to tell if they were collecting rock or bone. The coroner said authorities found some hair and very small fingernails, but no organs or anything else identifiable. Pictures of the bones were displayed on a television screen in court on Wednesday afternoon.

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The photos were part of testimony which began Wednesday morning with the father of Richardson's baby, who said she broke up with him after a month of dating and never told him she was pregnant. Mom charged with murder: Tennessee mom charged after premature twins died, tested positive for drugs.

Richardson, 20, looked straight ahead and didn't appear to look at the photos.