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Communication The Key to Successful Project Management

Work is messy, and this piece will offer concise recommendations on how to improve a project with effective communication when a crisis arises. Maybe the original PM needs to take an extended leave of absence or the CEO has greenlit a project and wanted it started yesterday. After the panic has passed, you return to your desk and craft a game plan. The steering committee: Understand their communication preferences and requirements. How often do they want status reports? Instead, learn their expectations and start meeting them as soon as possible.

The project team: Leave your stress at your desk when you meet with the team.

Address the circumstances of this last minute project assignment directly and answer any questions they have. Then, share your plan and get the team excited for the new project! The sense of urgency that comes along with a last minute assignment can lead you to rush. Red means that the health of the project is critical and corrective action is required. The steering committee: Be transparent.

Communication skills for Project Managers

Also, prepare your boss before sharing this bad news with the entire committee. You need her to be your partner in the meeting, not taken by surprise along with her peers. The project team: Let the team discuss solutions.

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  • 1. Discussing Problems.
  • Developing Clear Communication.
  • Project Management Communication Skills When in Crisis;
  • Importance of improving communication skills in Project Management?.

Symptoms of low morale include vague task updates and calling into meetings late or missing the meeting altogether. No matter the root cause, your communication skills can turn things around quicker than you think.

Leadership and Communication Skills for Project Managers | Management Concepts

The steering committee: An informal update is often best here. The project team: Listen and act. Follow up is critical when morale is low. While low stakeholder engagement is similar to the situation of low team morale, the root cause tends to be an intellectual one, as opposed to an emotional one. While there are many reasons stakeholder engagement can be down, your communication skills can come in handy, no matter the root cause. Or are you under-reporting? A lack of interest can be indicative of a lack of info.

Or a mix of subordinates and their managers? Strong project leaders are transparent in their communications. This keeps everyone on the same page and engenders trust as it is clear that there are no ulterior motives to hide. Although there are some conversations that should be kept private, a simple way to decide what should and should not be shared is to ask: why is this conversation not public to other people?

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Effective project leaders do more than just manage work flows. They lead their team towards a vision where are we heading? This should not be a purely informational endeavour though.

2. Sending and Receiving Information

According to CIO consultant, Abbie Lundberg , the ancient art of storytelling — of using narratives — is integral to painting a clear picture of a vision and purpose that inspires teams to move forward and keeps everyone on track. Great project leaders have the ability of turning the complex into smaller, achievable chunks of information or work.

Project Management Communication Skills When in Crisis

Whether it is visualising big data or communicating ideas simply and directly , project leaders ensure that their audience is able to understand their message as clearly as they do. Business and IT differ not only in their goals and perspectives, but also in how they speak. While business executives may speak about ROI, those from IT often use words and jargon known only to the initiated.

Project managers themselves are not immune to this either as they have their own lingo too. An effective project leader must understand both how they, as project managers, and their audience speak. Having understood all sides of the equation, they can then choose how to communicate their message in a way that will be clear to all parties.

Developing Clear Communication

Project leaders must be confident in their knowledge and abilities, and exude this in how they carry themselves to inspire trust amongst stakeholders. While it may be tempting to act confident just through words, project leaders should be confident in totality , especially given that posture, body orientation, gestures and tone of voice all constitute communication as well.

This can be achieved through self-awareness, preparation, a thorough understanding of the project at hand and communicating honestly.