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If you need work now and you are unemployed, cleaning houses can actually be started very quickly on a small scale.

That is what I did. Within one month of starting, I had full time work, and just kept at it.

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I house-cleaned for eleven years. However, you may plan to hire crews for larger jobs instead of doing the cleaning yourself, simply be the owner and manager. In that case, you need start up funds as well as a savings account big enough to float you while you get established. Weekly Business Advice. Learn 8 mistakes to avoid before. You will need to investigate the following business categories as part of your research into starting your house cleaning service:.

Many people go into house cleaning because they figure that they are super good at it. Cleaning your own home only takes time, energy and your choice of supplies. In contrast, professional cleaners are required to expertly handle responsibilities ranging from client relations, time constraints, unusual work circumstances, travel to and from each job, business stress, children, pets, neighbors, and so on.

In the cleaning business, people assume you have mastered expert cleaning skills. The other half of that equation is just as important to focus on. In it are all the areas that you have not experienced or mastered yet. Here are some issues you may not have thought of while daydreaming of being a professional cleaner:. Just to name a few. This is a real business and it will consume your life, if you are doing it right! A house cleaning business can be quite a great adventure when you have the right knowledge and a positive attitude.

One popular method of marketing residential cleaning services is to offer a coupon in the local coupon mailer that is sent out to certain geographic areas. Here, you can target certain neighborhoods and offer a promotion such as one free room cleaned with additional purchase. You may also consider advertising in the local newspaper , printing flyers , and doing local radio commercials. Today, most businesses also have a website. This is a great way to expand on the services that you provide. You may also want to provide a printable coupon on your website as well.

In any case, you will want to have business cards printed. All businesses should have an ideal target market.


Therefore, you should really focus on who you will focus your advertising and promotion on. For example, will you pin point a certain neighborhood or neighborhoods in your region, or will you instead focus on a particular type of home such as apartment units or condominiums? By targeting your customers, you can also focus your advertising — and by doing this, your potential customers will truly feel that your ads are speaking directly to them. In order to get started with your residential cleaning business, you will need to have some necessary equipment on hand.

At the very minimum, you should have the following items:.

2. Legal Requirements

Depending on exactly what type of equipment you have, you may need to use a van or other type of larger vehicle. This will make it easier to transport all of your equipment from location to location, loading and unloading it for each of your jobs. One of the biggest decisions that you will need to make when deciding how to start my own cleaning business is deciding whether to create your company from scratch or to buy into an already established franchise.

Certainly, there are both advantages and drawbacks to either of these options.

Can you make a million bucks in the house cleaning business?

Some of the benefits of going with a franchise model include the following:. When buying into a franchise, you can start your business almost instantly. This is because most of the initial work has already been done for you. This helps to avoid a great deal of the learning curve — and many of the newbie mistakes — that a new business owner out on their own might make.

As an example, the franchisor has already taken care of creating the overall business model — and possibly even the business plan — so that all you have to do is follow the steps and get the business up and running.

Target the Right Clientele

In many instances — especially if you go with a well known name — your business will already be a household name. When customers are already familiar with your company name, it is much easier to build trust and to sell them on your services. This can be a key factor when customers are inviting you into their home to clean around their personal items. When you buy into a franchise, you will also have a great deal of assistance with marketing and advertising.

There are many bigger companies that will even go so far as to create large multi-national ad campaigns. This is an ideal way to bring customers into your business, without a lot of effort on your part.

Having a large company to back you up can be comforting. In addition, if your company grows, a franchisor will typically take charge of training your new employees as well. This is another big benefit of this business model. Oftentimes, you are able to simply pick up the phone and make contact with someone who can quickly handle a question or concern that you have.

Decide on a few things as you build a marketing plan:. When you're starting a cleaning business, your image means a lot. Keep it clean and consistent to reflect the type of work customers can expect. You must be able to handle customers well with your communication skills. You must be adept at accounting and secretarial work word processing, filing, organization, etc.

How to start a cleaning business in the UK

You need a clean criminal record and a tidy legal background. Have a good handle on these basic skills: Pet-stain and spot removal Metal polishing chrome, copper, silver, etc. Accounting is an integral part of any successful startup. You'll need: A well-organized system for accounting Up-to-date software A separate filing system to keep business and personal finances apart Networking is also vital to starting a business, so look into local entrepreneurial clubs like the Chamber of Commerce to make sure you don't miss out on any leads or potential clients.

Equipment and Products Needed for a Professional Cleaning Business Every business owner needs to start with the proper equipment for their particular industry. You need at least the following to start a house cleaning business : Mops and brooms mops with changeable pads are easiest Vacuum cleaners in good condition Toilet cleaners brushes and plungers An organized carrier for your supplies, like a caddy Clothes, rags, towels, gloves, and paper towels A reliable car to get to and from client homes Most people prefer natural products provided by the hired cleaner although some may request you use a specific cleaner they have on hand to be used in their homes.

What Do You Need to Start a Home Cleaning Business?

Finding Your First Clients Once you've booked your first clients, you'll have conquered one of the toughest hurdles of starting your own house cleaning business. This can be accomplished by providing assurance that you know what your doing through: Testimonials and references from previous customers you may need to offer free cleaning services to friends or family to get these Listed years of experience maybe start out working for a cleaning company or in hospitality A business website that shows a thorough knowledge of what it takes to provide a perfectly clean home. Marketing and Advertising Word-of-mouth is a solid form of marketing your business, but it isn't going to be enough to get all the business you need.

Decide on a few things as you build a marketing plan: A business logo to be featured on flyers, cards, etc. An eye-catching, easy-to-use website Ads for local media outlets and other businesses When you're starting a cleaning business, your image means a lot.