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This notion of transformation, taken from Virginia Woolf's Orlando, which contains the idea of death and destruction as well as resurrection, remains an important theme.

Rising reputation as dramatist and critic.

The film was first shown in in Berlin. Ulrike Ottinger. Facebook Twitter tumblr studiVZ delicious. No rote memorization. No chance of failure.

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All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every month. The results are dew at the end of the month. The results are due at the end of the month. The smell was really quite. China is the most populace country in the world. In , Lessing returned to Berlin, leaving in to work for three years at the Hamburg National Theatre.

Actor-manager, Konrad Ackermann, began construction on Germany's first permanent theatre in Hamburg.

The owners hired Lessing as the theatre's critic of plays and acting, which would later be known as dramaturgy based on his own words , making Lessing the very first dramaturge. The theatre's main backer was Abel Seyler , a former currency speculator who since became known as "the leading patron of German theatre. His work in Hamburg formed the basis of his pioneering work on drama, titled Hamburgische Dramaturgie.

Unfortunately, because of financial losses due to pirated editions of the Hamburgische Dramaturgie , the Hamburg Theatre closed just three years later. His tenure there was energetic, if interrupted by many journeys.

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In , for example, he accompanied Prince Leopold to Italy. She died in after giving birth to a short-lived son. On 15 February , Lessing, aged 52, died during a visit to the wine dealer Angott in Brunswick. Lessing was also famous for his friendship with Jewish-German philosopher Moses Mendelssohn.

A recent biography of Mendelssohn's grandson, Felix , describes their friendship as one of the most "illuminating metaphors [for] the clarion call of the Enlightenment for religious tolerance ". He began publishing heated pamphlets on his beliefs which were eventually banned.

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It was this banishment that inspired him to return to theatre to portray his views and to write Nathan the Wise. Early in his life, Lessing showed interest in the theatre. In his theoretical and critical writings on the subject—as in his own plays—he tried to contribute to the development of a new type of theatre in Germany. With this he especially turned against the then predominant literary theory of Gottsched [7] and his followers.

Lessing's Hamburgische Dramaturgie ran critiques of plays that were performed in the Hamburg Theatre, but after dealing with dissatisfied actors and actresses, Lessing redirected his writings to more of an analysis on the proper uses of drama. Lessing advocated the outline of drama in Aristotle's Poetics.

He believed the French Academy had devalued the uses of drama through their neoclassical rules of form and separation of genres. His repeated opinions on this issue influenced theatre practitioners who began the movement of rejecting theatre rules known as Sturm und Drang "Storm and Stress". He worked with many theatre groups e. In Hamburg he tried with others to set up the German National Theatre. Today his own works appear as prototypes of the later developed bourgeois German drama. Lessing advocated that dramaturgs should carry their work out working directly with theatre companies rather than in isolation.

Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.

In his religious and philosophical writings he defended the faithful Christian's right for freedom of thought. He argued against the belief in revelation and the holding on to a literal interpretation of the Bible by the predominant orthodox doctrine through a problem later to be called Lessing's Ditch.

Lessing outlined the concept of the religious "Proof of Power": How can miracles continue to be used as a base for Christianity when we have no proof of miracles? Historical truths which are in doubt cannot be used to prove metaphysical truths such as God's existence.

As Lessing says it: "That, then, is the ugly great ditch which I cannot cross, however often and however earnestly I have tried to make that leap. In the final leg of his life, Lessing threw himself into an intense evaluation of theology and religion.

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  • He did much of his studying by reading manuscripts he found while working as a librarian. While working for the Duke, he formed a close friendship with a family by the name of Reimarus. The family held an unpublished manuscript by Hermann Samuel Reimarus which attacked the historicity of Christian revelation.

    Despite discouragement from his brother Karl Gotthelf Lessing , he began publishing pieces of the manuscript in pamphlets known as Fragments from an Unnamed Author.