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Bumbles and Fairytales: Mira's Diary "Lost in Paris" (by Marissa Moss) Blog Tour: Review/Giveaway

It leads them to Paris where, by accident, Mira touches a gargoyle perched atop Notre Dame and discovers that it has transported her back in time. She discovers that her mission in the past is to prevent an injustice from happening in the future. I thought this was a really cute idea for a Middle Grade book. However, I felt that perhaps it was trying to do too much in one book.

I admittedly did learn a bit about the history of the city and significant players of the time, and how that translated to present day. Then, her family gets a postcard with a clue: a picture of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Will she — and her mom — ever find their way back home?

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I liked this book a lot! Some time traveling books I don't like as well, but this one is different. Mira's Mom disappears and then what happens to Mira?

It's cool how Mira disappears into Paris way back. This book was exciting, Mysterious and it leaves you wanting to find out what happens in the next book. This book was really good. I liked it because it was about time travel and Paris. This book is about a girl named mira and she receives a post card from her mom who has been missing. Then mira gets trapped in the past!

Then she finds her mom. Being trapped in the past is confusing and hard, but it is about to get a lot more hard. From the time traveling and that there's always a surprise around every corner You should get this book to read yourself! This was an overall good book it is about a girl who is trying to find her lost mom in Paris but then she realizes that she is in the wrong time. I enjoyed Mira's Diary, but thought that at some of the parts she was being kind of dumb.

Another problem I had with the book was that the ending was really weird. I liked hearing about her meeting famous people, and learning more about the Dreyfus Affair.

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Overall I thought it was an okay book. This book is good if you like time travel.

Review: Mira’s Diary – Lost in Paris by Marissa Moss

It is pretty interesting in the beginning, but then it gets It is soooo good and I would totally read another book by this author. I was very disappointed because it ended on a horrible cliffhanger. But otherwise, great read!! This book is awesome! Also I am super addicted to time travel. I hope Marissa Moss writes a sequel- one that takes Mira to the future! This was an amazing story! If you love time travel, art, Paris, or all of the above this is the book for you! I have read this book many times and it gets better and better! I would recommend this book to everyone who is interested in art and history!

I loved this book it was so good! I think that in some ways Mira is like me so I could relate to her and know how she felt, overall this was a really good book and if you like stories that are emotional and slightly romantic and just sweet then this is the book for you. This book is cool because the main character meets lots of artists from the past I loved how the author explains how Mira gets whisked away to a different time, and how she helped her mom to get home to her family from danger and trouble.

I also love the drama, details, and overall heartwarming story. I really liked parts of this book, but some of it was creepy, especially the author's note. But the time where Mira the main character traveled to was very creepy, so mabye the author was just telling the truth. If you don't mind creepy stuff, I would definetly recommend it, but if you get scared easily pick a different book. I love time travel and art! Edgar Degas and Claude Monet are my most favorite artists!

If you like time travel books, think Paris is intresting, and apreciate art, this is the perfect book for you. This book ties art into the story in a very cool way. You learn to stand up for what you believe in and always be brave in this book. I highly recomend reading this story. The story of Mira was so good! It was really interesting to read and I loved reading it! I definitely recommend this book! This book is awesome. The only reason I did not give this book five stars is because it was kinda confusing. Beside that this book was great.

This book was cool, I liked it because I learned about Paris. I recommend this book to kids who like history.

Miras Diary California Dreaming

If you like reading about history with a little bit of fantasy-fiction, then this is a great book for you. They give you a lot of detail about the point in history, but they make it fun with fantasy. I recommend reading the author's note at the end of the book first because it makes the storyline a little more understandable. This book was filled with adventure and many great things. I found this a fun way to learn about Jewish history. Instead of having to sit in class for hours studing about the Dreyfus affair this book makes it enjoyable to learn.

This book was thrilling and exciting. I totally recommend this book. In this book a girl named Mira goes to France to find her mom. There she makes an amazing discovery! Her mom can time travel and so can she. When she is sent back in time she looks for her mom. She meets many amazing artists and sees many famous places. But she can not seem to find her mom. Does she ever find her? And does she ever go back to her time? Read this amazing book to find out!

I really liked reading this book it just absorbed me.

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  • Marissa Moss did a great job writing it. This was a really cool book it was awesome that Mira went back in time to save her mother. I also really liked that every time Mira goes back in time she is in a new decade with many different problems that were real, facing her. This book was awesome! I really learned a lot about the Dreyfus Affair, and the best part was that all the history was mixed in with a great plot!

    So basically, you should totally read this book! I think that the whole time-travel thing is too cool! The title, to me, sounded really good. When I started reading, I wasn't really into it. By the time she saw her mom in the past, I was engrossed in the story. Now, knowing there are other books in this series, I would love to read them. First of all this book was amazing. I loved it. But at first in the beginning when they get the letter it was sort of boring.

    But when Mira starts to time travel I couldn't put the book down. You should really read this book! It is awesome! I learned more about what is was like to be a jew at the start of the Holocaust. I don't usually like historical fiction, but I liked this book.

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    • It taught me a lot about how things have changed and how Jews were treated differently. Overall, I recommend this book. I think that this book was very good! I agree with some of the other reviewers that it was a bit slow at times, but if your anything like me you don't give up on a book. Mira's mom suddenly disappears. Soon Mira gets lost in Paris because of her insane ability of time travel. Can Mira find her mom and get back to the rest of her family?