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Financial education is your best investment. Start there. We also created an awesome podcast where we drink beer and talk money to help make it all a bit easier. The one thing I learned was debt is the devil. Both books drilled into my head that I should be debt free.

Now that I was a streamlined bachelor with very low living expenses and nothing to buy, I had some available cash. I decided to pay off my credit card debt. Having no debt is freedom and an idea I could get behind. Having debt while trying to achieve financial independence is like driving with your foot on the brake. Bad debt, like credit card debt , compounds many times faster than the best investments ever could and can quickly outpace your ability to earn and pay it off.

Financial independence: 4 steps to save $1,500,000

However, the minimum payment is not going to cut it. Attempting to escape debt with minimum payments is like trying to toast bread with a flashlight. I did some more research to determine the right method for paying off my debt, and I found the stack method. You refinance all the debt you can and then prioritize the most expensive debt first. From now until what seems like an eternity, a few hundred bucks out the window every month. The quickest way to reduce your student loan balance and pay less interest is to refinance.

Companies like Earnest can dramatically reduce that rate and save you a ton on your loan. A feeling better and longer-lasting than sex. If you need a little help, we have a free book here to help you with your debt reduction plan. Not every investment has to start with money.

Making some simple changes in your lifestyle can drastically improve your life and work which in turn can make you more money. You want to surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you and people you can learn from. You need financial friends. You need to push the needle a little bit, work with me here. The best way to keep bumping your income is to move jobs every few years.

Take a class or read some books. It can help you get to make more money at your current company or help you find a better spot a new one. There are many great ways to grow your income streams outside of your day job. It can help you pay off debt quicker, grow your investments faster or even turn into a full-time gig.


Earning some extra cash on the side can be fun, it will increase your level of income security and confidence. There are also a ton of tax incentives for small business owners.

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